Friday, September 27, 2013

Downtown Parade Launches 2013 State Fair of Texas

The Dallas Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) invited me to tag along on a weekend of activities surrounding the State Fair of Texas. The festivities started off on opening day with the annual parade through Downtown Dallas. We chose to view the parade from Main Street Gardens. There was a band playing and several food vendors set up, including Fletcher's Corny Dogs.  I knocked out this State Fair fried food favorite early so I would have plenty of time at the Fair that afternoon to sample new offerings.  One of the reporters in our group is from New York City and was amazed by the pageantry of the beauty queens and the sheer numbers represented by participating high school bands and cheerleaders.  "We don't even have cheerleaders in NYC!", she gawked.  "Honey, welcome to Texas. We love our football, pom poms and sequins." I said in my best Texas twang. There is something very nostalgic about a parade that takes me back to my small town youth.  It's just a happy, feel-good event that's always fun for kids of all ages.

To live vicariously through my photos, click here to see what you missed.

PS: Thanks to the Joule Hotel bar manager who kindly let me plug in my iPhone and charge it up during the parade, so I could post lots of pics from the Fair all afternoon!