Monday, September 16, 2013

Is Matt Nordgren dating Lindsay Lohan?

photo: People Magazine

According to Fox Sports, Lindsay Lohan and Matt Nordgren were seen together in New York this past week. The nature of the encounter varies, depending on what you read. Nordgren told Page Six of the New York Post, “We’ve hung out. But I have been a friend trying to support her for many years now," while adding that the two have been friends for seven years. But the same story quoted a source as saying that Nordgren is telling people the two are dating. 

Of Lohan, he told the Post: “She’s completely sober for months now. She’s in a great place, she’s thinking clear and working hard and meeting with all the right people.” But E! Online quoted a source as saying: "They have a history of hooking up."  Another source tells E!, however, they are just friends and are not dating. Although the source wouldn't be surprised if something more started up down the road.

Nordgren is apparently no stranger to celeb hook-ups, the former star of the reality show "Most Eligible Dallas" being previously linked to Vienna Girardi ("The Bachelorette") and Audrina Patridge ("The Hills"). Nordgren played one season for the Philadelphia Eagles after being a backup quarterback for the University of Texas and appeared on Bravo's Most Eligible Dallas.

Nordsay has a nice to ring to it, no?! Or maybe Nordlo?