Monday, October 21, 2013

Courtney Loves Dallas to air on Bravo in December 2013

It was over a year ago that Bravo TV announced that Courtney Kerr, would be spinning off from Most Eligible Dallas and into her own show called Courtney Loves Dallas. CLD was supposed to air on Spring 2014. Then it got pushed to Summer. Then it got pushed to Fall. There were many naysayers in these parts who began whispering that perhaps Courtney wasn't getting a show after all. Maybe Bravo had changed their mind... Well, I am happy to announce that as of last night it is OFFICIAL! Courtney Loves Dallas will launch on December 5, 2013 at 9:00pm.

Bravo's Andy Cohen and Kerr
New York City, September 2013
The announcement Bravo released last August stated, "Breakout star Courtney Kerr of Most Eligible Dallas navigates the lively Dallas social scene with her group of sassy, dynamic friends in this docu-series. Juggling her search for the perfect southern gentleman while trying to make a name for herself in the fashion industry with the growing popularity of her fashion blog, Courtney proves that having it all isn't easy."

Courtney told me that the show will follow her journey as she quits her long-time job at Sunglass Hut as a Regional Manager, moves into a new apartment, seeks to launch a career as a fashion blogger and - oh yes - looks for love in Big D.  Helping her navigate her way through life in Dallas will be bestie Tori Gonzales.

Courtney told me exclusively, "I am so humbled that Bravo would choose to develop a show around me. It's thrilling, but frightening at the same time. In an ensemble cast, if something isn't working you can say 'Oh, maybe they didn't like the chemistry between this person and that person. Or maybe a certain storyline wasn't working'. But for my new show, there is nowhere to hide. It's all eyes on me and that is extremely intimidating!"

Courtney Kerr and me at an event for Family Place in July 2012.
We have bonded over our love of fashion and food.  Mainly food. 

Courtney also told me that this show was initially slated to be called Courtney Does Dallas, but Courtney's Mother (affectionately known as Mama Kerr) didn't like the connotation that the name gave and thus it was ultimately reworked into a more suitable version.  We all know if Mama ain't happy - ain't nobody happy!  As someone who knows Courtney, it's going to be strange to watch this show since it was filmed so long ago. All of the circumstances they will air have long since been resolved - for better or worse. Heck, Courtney's hair is even totally different now (as seen in the photos on this post)! It will be like a strange flashback I can't wait to watch!!

Courtney Loves Dallas premieres Thursday, Dec. 5 at 9 p.m. CST on Bravo. Learn more at

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