Sunday, October 27, 2013

Diane Does Dallas. One Wrap Dress at a Time.

The enchanting Diane von Fürstenberg made a special appearance at her Highland Park Village boutique this past Saturday for a private shopping event benefiting TwoxTwo.

This Belgium Princess made her mark in the fashion world in her 20's when she created the iconic Wrap Dress. It was the hottest thing around in the 70s, fell out of favor (but not production) in the 80s and made a comeback in new millennium - minus the big wide-winged collar!

Next year, the wrap dress will celebrate it's 40th year in production. Something that's never happened before. Sure, Coco Chanel invented the concept of the little black dress, but it was never about one dress. DVF told me that earlier in her career the wrap dress was something of an albatross around her neck. She wanted to be taken seriously as a designer and not be thought of as just a one-hit-wonder. At the 40-year mark, she now says she is "impressed" and immensely proud of that little dress and all that it has helped create.

"Everywhere I go, people tell me stories about their wrap dress," said DVF.  "How they were wearing it when their lover proposed, that they wore it to their big job interview, to their prom... so many stories! As a part of the 40-year celebration, we have launched a website where women can share their stories and experiences at "

Of course, I had to ask Diane what she likes about Dallas. "Oh, I love Dallas," she said. " A lot of women in Dallas have bought of wrap dresses. A LOT. The most beautiful women in America are from Dallas! I don't know if it's the beef, the grass, whatever... but they are beautiful. And it's a fun city. The people are always so nice and that makes it a fun place to visit. And I love to eat your Mexican food."  A woman after my own heart...