Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Josh Henderson talks about Duracell Quantum, Survivor and taking it all off

Josh Henderson plays the evil John Ross Ewing III in the hit TV series DALLAS but in real life, this cutie patootie is a Dallas-native with a heart of gold.  Henderson joined Duracell at the Trinity Audubon Center today to present a donation of more than 150,000 new Duracell Quantum batteries to the Texas A&M Forest Service and Dallas Fire Rescue at Trinity River Audubon Center.

Duracell has just launched Quantum, the world’s most advanced and long lasting alkaline battery, and is donating one million of these powerful batteries to first responders across the country who need it most for their life-saving equipment.Supporting first responders hits close to home for Henderson, whose grandfather proudly served with the Dallas Fire Rescue and lost his life in service to our community.

The PR firm hosting today's breakfast gave me 7 minutes (which I referred to as "seven minutes in heaven") all to myself with Henderson to talk about the promotion. Having already seen him chat with Tim Ryan on Fox 4's Good Day earlier that morning, I had already heard his stock answers to the obvious questions, so I decided to spend my time chatting about fun stuff.

Henderson grew up in the Dallas suburb of Sunnyvale, so I asked him what he had enjoyed most about coming back home. "I love Texas in general. The people are still so nice and accommodating, which you just don't find in Los Angeles. In L.A. it's just a different speed of life and a mentality of 'me first and everyone else second' so coming back to Texas it was very refreshing to see that there are still people out there that say 'hello' and hold doors open for you."

Josh Henderson & Andrea Boehlke
Henderson has settled in Uptown and says his favorite haunts are Victor Tango's and Javier's. What did he miss most about Dallas? (Here's where I fell in love with Josh...) Taco Bueno. He says it's his very first stop every time he comes back to Dallas.

Henderson's adorable girl-friend had arrived with him and was close by during our interview.  I had to confess to Josh that I was way more excited to meet her than him. Survivor fans are very familiar with Andrea Boehlke - a two-time contestant on the hit CBS show who participated in Season 22/Caramoan and Season 26/Redemption Island. Boehlke is now living in NYC and working as a correspondent for AskMen.com.

I turned to Boehlke and asked, "Blood vs. Water (Family vs. Friends) is the theme for this season of Survivor. If they approached you, would you compete with Josh?" They both laughed and Henderson said, "She already said she wanted to do it with her sister. I would put too big of a target on our back." He then went on to say that he was a big fan of the show and loved the idea of pushing yourself to the breaking point; both physically and mentally to see what you were made of.

Season 3 of DALLAS has recently started filming and Henderson says to get ready. "This season is racier and more risqué than anything we've ever done. I have my clothes off - a lot!" DALLAS will premiere in January 2014.  I can't wait...

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