Thursday, November 21, 2013

FGI Night of Stars Shone Bright Like a Diamond in 2013

Steelman and Mattox
photo provided by FGI
Last Friday, Dallas' fashion elite gathered at Dallas Market Hall for Fashion Group International Dallas (FGI Dallas) annual Fashion and Lifestyle Awards, ‘Night of Stars’ gala.

What I love about this event - outside of supporting FGI - is that it is the BEST event of the year for people-watching. Why, you ask?

Because in fashion, honey, they dress to impress. When you are dealing with the creme de la creme of the industry, I can assure you that they are going to pull out ALL the stops to make sure their look is flawless.

I was not disappointed. I have three words for you: Susie Straubmueller's Skirt. Those who were there know what I am talking about. 

The event was chaired by Neimans Chuck Steelman and Katy Messersmith Mattox of Katydid Collection.  Courtney Kerr, emceed the awards ceremony and provided wise-cracking jokes at everyone's expense. She was hilarious and a fresh breath of air from the usually stuffy moderators.

Holly Hmielewski, Dera Enochson, Mei-Chun Jau, Susie Straubmueller, Shay Geyer and Elizabeth Anyaa
photo provided by FGI

Courtney Kerr
photo provided by FGI
FGI Dallas honored the following Rising Stars in a variety of categories for their contribution to the Dallas fashion scene:

• Fashion: Elizabeth Anyaa 
• Interior Design: Shay Geyer 
• Accessories: Susie Straubmueller 
• Photography: Mei-Chun Jau 
• Beauty: Dera Enochson 

In addition to these awards, FGI Dallas bestowed the Shelly Musselman Design Award Scholarship to Holly Hmielewski. This amazing designer (who is still in school) blew everyone away with her beautiful butterfly-inspired prints and sophisticated designs. Watch out for her…

The award for Lifetime Achievement was presented to Kay Unger and the Career Achievement in Fashion was presented to Billy Reid, who were both in attendance. I never got around to meeting Reid, but I chatted up Unger several times throughout the evening. She was as charming and gracious as could be and her vintage Prada dress was bananas. I totally covet it.

Unger and Reid
photo provided by FGI

To help raise money for the cause, FGI selects individuals each year to be on the Fashion Police squad. Our job is to raise awareness and funds for FGI through this event.  We were recognized at the event and got to strut our stuff in a special runway event.

Joining me on this year's squad was Scott Finfer, Dan Pritchett, Jennifer de Soccaraz-Flemming, Hamilton Sneed, Rachel Roberts, Tre Wilcox, Rhonda Sargent Chambers, Jim Duran, Crystal Wilson Herrera, Janet Fresquez and LeeAnne Locken.

A portion of the proceeds from the Night of Stars gala benefits the FGI Dallas Career Day scholarship awards. FGI Dallas Career Day is held annually in April, and is the longest running and largest fashion career day in the country for college and university.

I can't wrap up this story without thanking the designers and stylists who made me look and feel like a million dollars for this special night.  The theme was black and white and we had to pick one of those colors to wear. I figured everyone would pick black… so I went with white.

Laura Schiber, Cynthia Smoot, Silver Hougue
photo: Jerry McClure
When I committed to be a part of the Fashion Police, I knew I had to wear Dallas designers.  Watters came through with an amazing Mahogany gown and a phenomenal cuff from their new Thomas Knoell accessories collection and Shona Gilbert of SHONA provided earrings made custom for the occasion.

Daniel Lewis of Green Peridot Salon is the hair genius who carefully coiffed my tresses in a romantic Ava Gardner old-Hollywood style to complete my movie star look.

And thanks to my pal LeeAnne Locken who helped me do my makeup in the bathroom of Dallas Market Hall because Daniel made me so late that I missed my appt. at Blushington… What's a girl to do?!

And lastly, I have to thank Mockingbird Station who sponsored me for the Fashion Police. They were an amazing partner to work with.  It takes a village people...

This post was brought to you by Mockingbird Station: