Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Be Bohemian Like Me says Thais Schmidt

In November of this year, Thais Schmidt started an online shopping boutique called Bohemian Like Me with the desire to translate her passion of traveling into her love for fashion.

Schmidt was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, moved to North Carolina at the age of five, and ended up in Dallas by the age of six. She later lived in South Korea for three years, and had the opportunity to backpack through Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Macao, and India.  For someone who looks about 25, this chick has covered a lot of territory!

She loved seeing the bright colors, meeting amazing locals, and the freedom she felt while traveling abroad. "I want others to feel the bohemian free spirit that I felt while exploring these amazing countries," say Schmidt.  "I hope Bohemian Like Me encourages women to be their rocking, care free, adventurous, bohemian selves. Even if we can't get away as much as we'd like, we can surely look good and feel good living."

The website is in its "early stages" so while inventory is limited - what's there will be appealing to her audience.  Shoppers can find a limited assortment of Maxi Dresses, Fringed Cardigans, patterned leggings, kimono wraps and more at http://bohemianlikeme.com/