Thursday, December 5, 2013

Meet Courtney Kerr's BFF: Tori Gonzales

Tori Gonzales
Photo Mat Wulff
Did you catch the premiere episode of Courtney Loves Dallas on Bravo? If you did, you are probably already wanting to know more about Courtney Kerr's BFF, Tori Gonzales.

This spicy tamale is not only incredibly beautiful, she is down to earth and calls it like she sees it with little filter (you'll see proof of that in later episodes…).

Gonzales recently launched a jewelry company with her sis, Desiree Cox called All The Wire. She hasn't quit her day job - yet - but if sales are any indication, it won't be long before this budding designer is rocking the accessory world, one story at a time.

Allow me introduce you to my friend and reluctant Bravolebrity, Tori Gonzales:

OSC:  How did you meet Courtney Kerr? How long have you been friends?

TG:  We were introduced by a mutual friend who kept telling us our personalities would click and our humor was similar. So naturally we HAD to meet. We agreed... hit it off and here we are today. If only dating were that easy.

Courtney Kerr and Tori Gonzales
photo: Instagram
OSC:  How are the two of you alike and how are you different?

TG:  Court is stilettos and champagne and I'm whiskey and boots. I'm counting down the days til the Super Bowl and Court is counting down the days til fashion week. We're like a modern day Laverne and Shirley.

OSC:  I can tell from following you on Instagram that you are very close to your family. Tell me about them: how many kids, where do you fall in the mix, etc.

TG:   My family means the world to me. I have two older sisters;  Desiree, the glue that holds everyone together and Denise, the loud one always keeping us on our toes. Then there's me, a 100% daddy's girl and finally my 'can do no wrong' baby brother JP. Our parents, Johnny and Jane have been our rock for everything and have provided us with so much stability, love and guidance.

OSC:  How did All The Wire come about?

TG:   All The Wire is all about two sisters stamping jewelry, sharing stories, and making others smile. The name came from the relationship between my sister Desiree and her husband Jeff. Read the whole romantic love story on

OSC:  You seem to be a very reluctant public figure. So, what on earth made you agree to do Courtney Loves Dallas?

TG:  I do tend to be a private person, but when Court approached me about the show, of course I said I'd support her! I honestly had no idea how much she'd need me or how much of our shenanigans would actually make the show. But whatever craziness comes now....we're in it together.

Tori with sister, Desiree Cox
photo: Daniel Davis
OSC:  Now that you have made the leap and are about to be a Bravolebrity, are you ready for Twitter-haters and proposals from inmates?

TG:   What's Twitter? Just kidding...I've developed a tough skin over the years. Let's just hope I have more supporters than haters!

OSC:  The show is called Courtney Loves Dallas, so when I interviewed Courtney, I asked her to tell me specifically what it is she loves about the city. I'd like to ask you some of those same questions: What is your favorite festival or event?

TG:   One of my favorite events is the Willie Nelson 4th of July picnic. What's better than good music, good company, and a day with Willie?!

OSC:   What is your favorite brunch spot?

TG:  How can I pick just one Cynthia?! Dallas has brunch perfected! Nick and Sam's Grill, Taverna, Bread Winners, Del Frisco's Grill… I mean seriously, they are all amazing.

Cut a Bitch Pocketknife Necklaces for Besties
Available at All The Wire
OSC:  What is your favorite bar/hot spot to hit with friends?

TG:  My friends and I like mixing it up. When we're in the mood for a chill night you can find us at The Rustic deep in girl talk, having a few beers, and enjoying live music. If I'm back in Denton visiting, you will find me at Paschall Bar. Other nights when we feel like going out and dressing up, you can find us on the dance floor at the Travis.

OSC:  What Dallas boutiques (non-chain/national) or stores do you like to shop?

TG:  Milk and Honey. Without a doubt. I never have trouble finding great stuff there!

Follow Tori on Twitter @ToriGonzales, on Instagram @ToriGonzales_ and shop her amazing jewelry line at

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