Friday, January 17, 2014

E!'s #RichKids Scavenger Hunt hits Dallas

Earlier this week, I brought you news from E! about a fun promotion they were doing in Dallas called "Finders Keepers" to market their new show Rich Kids of Beverly Hills debuting this Sunday night. The #RichKids team hit the streets of Dallas on Friday, planting five luxury items for discovery. Photos were posted to their Instagram account giving fans visual clues to the locations of the five items. Photos of landmarks, street signs and iconic markers and other clues pointed the way to the hidden luxury items: headphones, bracelet, backpack, wallet, and handbag.

Henrik Hiort was the first to reach the #RichKids team at Dallas City Hall and win a Gucci handbag

I thought I'd see if I could nab a prize for myself. I mean, after all, who knows this city better than someone who writes about every day. Certain I could decipher the clues, I pulled up Instagram on Friday morning and clicked refresh about a hundred times until the game began...  When this first photo popped up I was STOKED. First off, it was the prize I wanted the most out of all of the offerings: a coveted Gucci handbag. Second, I knew right away where they were - City Hall. Thirdly, I was pretty sure that this photo would stump a lot of people. City Hall isn't an entertainment, dining or shopping destination so probably 90% of our citizens have never been there. Hoping this gave me an edge I ran out the door, hopped into my car and tore down the Tollway towards Downtown, certain that Gucci handbag would be mine.

I got to City Hall about 15 minutes after the photo had posted to Instagram and raced over to the Team... only to be informed that I was the second person on the scene. And you know who beat me? A BOY.  A boy who doesn't carry a purse. Oh, the travesty of it all... So, to Henrik the "tall, skinny Swede", I want you to know that I have put a hex on you. Grrrr. Since it was a work day, I didn't chase after the other prizes. Below are the clues for the remainder of the prizes and the winners. How many of these photo clues can you get right off the bat?!

Linda Whitten was the first to reach the #RichKids team at the Hall of State at Fair Park and win a Hermes bracelet
Thuy Tai was the first to reach the #RichKids team at Reunion Tower and win a watch
@aliatw was the first to reach the #RichKids team at the Performance Hall and win a wallet
@smvo15 was the first to reach the #RichKids team at Pioneer Plaza and win a Gucci backpack
The first fan to tech the site got to claim the prize. After all … “Finders Keepers!” For those who weren't lucky enough to find a prize first, there was still a chance to win $10,000 by taking a selfie with a #RichKids sign and posting their pic to Instagram. If I win this $10K prize, the hex will be removed from Henrik. Fingers crossed!