Sunday, January 26, 2014

Highlights from the 2014 Grammy's

Katy Perry, Ciara, Taylor Swift, Johanna Johnson, Miranda Lambert

Last night marked the 56th annual Grammy awards. One of the reasons that the Grammys is always fun to watch is that musicians are not always as stylish as the acting community. You know, they are in to being cool and edgy.  They have to be unique and make a statement.  There were some fashion hits (see the stunners above) and lots of misses. Oh, so many misses.... Let's get to the highlights:

Pharell showed up in what the Grammy's website called, "a Canadian Mountie hat, if a Canadian Mountie hat was about 92 percent larger and 81 percent poofier. Hey, if he wins, at least he'll have a place to put that Grammy trophy. He could probably fit six of them in there." Within minutes, a Twitter parody account called @PharrellHat had spring up tweet parody pics throughout the night. Here's what some other Twitter fans thought of his look:

Madonna hit the red carpet with her 8-year old son, David. Huffington Post said of the look, "Instead of wearing a traditional dress, she opted for a Ralph Lauren suit and matching black hat (which was almost identical to David's ensemble). Though we're not sure we love her cane, grill and sparkly Michael Jackson-esque gloves, we always appreciate a celeb who marches to the beat of her own drum." Hmmm.  They were being kind. I think Madonna has done lost her damn mind.

Not everyone (including me) loved this androgynous look. And what's up with that STUPID grill?!  Below is my favorite tweet from Huffington Post mocking her look:

Madonna channels the Quaker Oats guy

Not to be outdone by Madonna, Yoko Ono showed up with her son, Sean Lennon, in matching suits and ties. Is this a new Mother/Son trend?! If so, I will not be following suit. Literally. 

My HOT couple award is a toss up between Carey Hart and Pink and Jay Z and Beyonce.  How amazingly fabulous do they both look?!

When it came to Grammy performances, the first half of the show was a snoozefest. Beyonce opened the show with a horrid performance of Drunk in Love. The song stinks. Her hair was short and sexy wet, prompting the wet dog comparison below. Beyonce usually turns it out and this awful song paired with a ghetto strip-club performance did nothing for me. Disappointing. 

Katy Perry wasn't any better, performing Dark Horse in a Stevie Nicks inspired gypsy fire dance. Girlfriend, it's waaaaaaay too early in your career to start pole dancing. That's for when the records stop selling. Just saying'.

After a tortuous 2 hours I started to lose interest... If you want more scoop on the Grammy performances, head over to the E!'s website:

Now. Who's ready for the Academy Awards!?