Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Luxury Resale Site Vaunte Delves Into the Closets of Dallas Fashionistas

"There are now quite a few e-commerce startups offering visitors the opportunity to shop the closets of celebrities and “fashion insiders,” but we’re not sure any of them are doing it as well as Vaunte." gushes Fashionista.com, "Vaunte is glossy and easy to use and has really good people (Vaunte calls them “starlets”) on board selling their unwanted goods. It’s sort of like The Coveteur except you can buy all the pieces they photograph–as in seriously the exact same pieces in all their pre-owned glory. The inventory is pretty much all designer, so nothing is super cheap–the people behind the site know what things are worth–but there are definitely good deals to be found."

In recent weeks Vaunte has featured some of Dallas' most fashionable ladies including Joslyn Taylor from Swoon, Toni Munoz-Hunt and Laura Ginsburg Pierson who is the owner & designer of Ryan Kippel and Manager at Lela Rose.

You can peruse the goods at https://www.vaunte.com.  Happy shopping, ladies.