Thursday, February 27, 2014

Little Day Dresses take a modern approach to classic styles for today's women

Little Day dresses walked the runway at The Pin Show on Feb. 22, 2014
photo c/o Sterling Steves

Little Day Dresses
wants women to shuck their sweats and lose their yoga pants in favor of her stylish, well-made, comfy dresses that are cut and sewn right here in Texas. Designer Kristen DeRocha has always had an eye for style and talent with thread and needle. When sporting her own designs, she is often stopped and asked, "Where'd you get that great dress?" It was a question that led to the birth of Little Day.  DeRocha says, "LDD is for your 'little day' - your everyday. Your wedding is your big day. All of the other days are your 'little days.' It's also a play on the Little Black Dress." Since launching in October 2013, DeRocha and her business partner, Austin-based Vesta Garcia, have sold hundreds of dresses online.

Peekabo dress in Scarlett
"The dresses are inspired by vintage styles, but completed by conveniences to make the wearer's life easier including pockets, easy care fabric and cuts that are flattering in the right spots and forgiving in others," says DeRocha. As a busy mother of two, who plays bass with the local band, Lovie, DeRocha has designed the kind of dress she that fits her busy life: something versatile, chic and comfy.

Little Day Dresses can be paired with heels for a night on the town, with ballet flats for a day at the office, layered with a scarf and cardigan for a trip to the playground and with chunky boots in for a rock show in Deep Ellum.

It's no secret that my favorite designer is Lela Rose because of her modern take on 1950s silhouettes. I asked DeRocha what is it about this era that she's drawn to as a designer? "I feel a strong trend in the market towards things that are beautiful and feminine. The pendulum has swung in feminism back to a point in our culture where we are taking charge of and owning the things that make us women, including beauty and clothing," she states.

Crazy Daisy
"LDD looks backward to a simpler time with our feet simultaneously planted in the reality of our busy modern lifestyle. We want the shapes and the curves, but we want to feel good while wearing them all day.

Our clothing needs to be beautiful and functional. Sloppiness is on the way out, but comfort is maintained. So at Little Day we mashup comfort with beauty and style. This is why we say #OffWithYourSweats. It's as easy to put on a Little Day Dress as it is to wear yoga pants, and you look and feel so much better."

Little Day Dresses are made in small batches and they source from the United States as much as possible. Their designs are sold in limited quantities so it’s highly unlikely that you will commit the fashion faux pas of showing up at a party wearing the same mass-produced dress as your friend (or worse, your frenemy). Each dress is made in Texas and Little Day with material that's made (for the most part) in the USA and each order supports at least 10 local workers - from seamstresses to graphic designers.

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