Friday, February 28, 2014

O-Venture gets a Leg Up from Spanx

Spanx® founder Sara Blakely recently named Janie Cooke and Caroline Nix, founders of Dallas-based O-Venture, among the newest Leg Up® winners.

“Everybody needs a leg up when starting a business,” said Sara Blakely, founder of Spanx. “Mine came when Oprah named SPANX a ‘Favorite Thing’.” Since the “Oprah-moment” that catapulted Spanx from a small start-up to a household name, Blakely has been on a mission to pay her success forward and empower women to reach their full potential.

O-Venture offers leather key chain accessories designed for women, by women. These oversized bangles lessen women’s unnecessary baggage—literally—with a hands-free design that can be worn over the arm and easily found in a cluttered purse. The founders, Janie Cooke and Caroline Nix, both mothers and friends, were looking for a way to use their creativity to help other women. They aimed to make life easier while staying stylish and developed this oversized key ring to help women simplify, stay organized and keep their hands free for what’s most important. “For every woman who’s spent hours of her life rummaging for keys, this key ring is the answer,” Blakely said. “The Big O is a fun, stylish solve that offers women the often needed extra hand, literally!”

The Leg Up program was created to offer women entrepreneurs and their businesses a chance to be promoted to millions of Spanx fans via the catalog, website and social media channels, including The Rear View blog. Amidst a growing number of applicants, this company was selected for their fun, stylish products and bright ideas. Cooke and Nix join the rankings of 20 female entrepreneurs to benefit from the program since its start in 2010.

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