Wednesday, February 19, 2014

WFAA throws down a cooking challenge. Tre Wilcox wins it with a TKO.

WFAA's Mike Castelucci gave Top Chef alum Tre Wilcox a challenge: Cook a gourmet meal for 6 people for under $10. The challenge had another dimension to it. Tre had to spend his $10 at the $.99 store.

Did you know that the $.99 store had produce and meats?! I had no idea!

This would be a daunting task for any chef or home cook, but Tre rose to occasion and took this challenge head on. I was one of the invited guests who had a front row seat at Tre's downtown condo for this little experiment.

Click to watch the segment below to see the entree Tre created and our reaction to the details of Tre's limitations:

Watching any artist at work is always a thrilling experience. Especially when you get to eat the masterpiece afterwards! To attend one of Tre's cooking classes and experience the magic for yourself, visit