Monday, March 17, 2014

Beautiful Boudoir You

Like most women, Courtney Engle has many roles in life. Hers include being a wife, a mother, and a photographer. But before all of that, she is a woman who understands all the insecurities we women have about ourselves - like how we try to hide our bodies or make excuses for it. As a visual artist, Engle knows that it’s important to tap into those parts of ourselves every now and again, because to feel sexy and beautiful is to feel good about ourselves. Plus, what man wouldn't love a HOT photo of his woman... Through her work as a boudoir photographer, she allows you to share that gift with your partner (or just yourself!) by tapping into that passion and intimacy in front of a camera.

"My clients are moms, wives, regular women who just want to be pampered, taken care of, and shown an incredible time at a fabulous photo shoot, says Engle. "I take the time to talk with clients, learn their story, and bring out all of their beauty through an intimate boudoir photography session. Not only is it a fun experience but you end up with really amazing photos at the end of it all! When women see their boudoir photos, they are in disbelief that it's really them."

Sessions take place at Engle's beautiful, light-filled studio in Downtown McKinney. Your fee includes professional makeup and hair, champagne, music, and lots of direction by Engle so that you can have fun and she can capture you at your most gorgeous!  As a special offer to OSC readers, Engle is offering 50% off the session fee (normally the session fee is $500, so this would be $250).

For more information, visit Courtney Engle Photography. To schedule your shoot or get more information, email Courtney at, or call 972.379.9309.

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