Friday, March 7, 2014

Behind the Scenes: Fashion Stars For a Cause Photo Shoot

Dawn Mellon fusses over me

One of the woman I respect most in the world is Yvonne Crum. This woman is a tireless supporter of many charities, a cancer survivor, and a fierce friend. She was one of the first people to embrace me when I first entered the social scene as a blogger and take me under her wing. Yvonne made it her mission to introduce me around and make sure everyone knew I had her seal of approval. Her endorsement was invaluable to me in breaking into the inner social circles of Dallas society and I've written about her many times because there just aren't enough words to say how wonderful she is and how much she does for Dallas. I was therefore, so humbled and honored, when she asked me to join her in the inaugural launch of a new charity gala called Fashion Stars for a Cause.  This black-tie gala will take place on March 21 at the Dallas Country Club and proceeds will benefit the Suicide and Crisis Center of North Texas.

Beverly Drive is the media partner on this swanky soiree and they were generous to give this event 12 pages in their March issue to spotlight each of the amazing 12 women who are "Stars" or Ambassadors for this year's event. This will probably surprise you to know - but I have a hard time with the attention. I am much more comfortable behind the camera than in front of it.

So, when this photo shoot came up I wasn't exactly looking forward to it. There is immense pressure about what to wear, how to do your make up? What about your hair!? And don't forgot accessories!! It's a very intimidating process...

Enter Dawn Mellon. Known about town as the Savvy Stylist, Dawn swooped in to save the day.  Not only did she scour the city looking for amazing dresses, she loaned me her personal jewelry and shoes right out of her closet. How lucky that we wear the same size!!  She joined me for the day, overseeing my hair appointment at Drybar and directing my make-up styling at Blushington. On set, she was invaluable, dashing in between takes to smooth fly-away hairs and reapplying lipstick. She made the set fun and lively and helped calm my jitters.

Shana Anderson was the photographer for this shoot and she did a fabulous job on all of the ladies profiled. She told me she wanted a "sultry" look and to glance over to my left and pretend I was giving George Clooney a "come hither" look. So, I tried this but I kept laughing because there was a UPS guy that kept walking back and forth to his truck and I swear, he thought I was making eyes at him. Probably made his whole day... So much for sultry.

Tootsies provided this amazing dress from Theia and I wanted you to see the entire dress because Beverly Drive cropped out the best part - which was this ombre effect at the bottom (and the shoes!). Pick up the March issue of Beverly Drive to read my profile and meet the other 11 women involved with this event. You can find issues all over Highland Park Village or check it out online.

To learn more about the Suicide and Crisis Center or this event, visit