Friday, April 18, 2014

100 Things to Do in Dallas-Fort Worth Before You Die

Even if you have lived in Dallas/Fort Worth your whole life, I guarantee there are local "hidden gems" that you haven't been to or experienced yet. You’ll have a blast checking off the diversions and excursions in this go-to guide created for visitors and locals.

Described are the most intriguing and noteworthy things to do, and places to see, in two of the world’s greatest cities. 100 Things to Do in Dallas-Fort Worth Before You Die (Reedy Press) is a mixed bag of traditional favorites, trending activities, and lesser-known, unique options. Sit atop one of the tallest Ferris Wheels in America, drive a racecar at Texas Motor Speedway, enjoy America’s Team—the Dallas Cowboys—or watch money being printed. Then have a steak at one of the best steakhouses anywhere, or sip a margarita at Stephan Pyles’ Stampede 66.

Dozens of other possibilities await!

Dallas experts (Sally Blanton, Andrea Alcorn and Steve Richardson) have put in exhaustive research and years of living in the Metroplex to help you explore the many captivating corners of the magnificent DFW Metroplex!

Available at Amazon for $14.40.