Monday, April 7, 2014

American Blogger explores the phenomena of blogging

American Blogger is the debut film from Dallas-based photographer Christopher Wiegand.

"What started this whole film idea for me was how (my wife) Casey loves to blog/instagram so much and she is always meeting new people and, in most cases, really (sincerely) connecting with people around the country (and world). I was really more interested to dig deeper into all this blogging/instagram/twittter world and one, help people understand how cool it is to have an area on the internet that is all yours. And two, I hope to sort-of take a visual snapshot of this time in history when all these instagrammers/bloggers are able to put something out there into the world and really shape culture (in a positive way)."

I love everything about the concept of this film - except the fact that I wasn't asked to be in it. Really, Chris? I've been blogging since 2007 and I live a mile from you!!! So wrong. Just. So. Wrong...

"Entertaining and educational, this film will leave you feeling inspired. It will open your eyes to a thriving movement. The potential could change the world..." says the voice on the trailer. American Blogger will be available to purchase in early June 2014 exclusively on iTunes.