Sunday, April 6, 2014


Gabriel Jagger, JerryHall, Niven Morgan, Shelby Wagner

The MTV Staying Alive Foundation, together with the Goss-Michael Foundation and Dallas Contemporary, hosted the third annual MTV RE:DEFINE benefit, a world-premiere art exhibition, auction, and gala to kick off ‘Dallas Arts Week’ on Friday, April 4, 2014 at the Dallas Contemporary. Co-chaired by Joyce Goss and Kenny Goss with honorary guest Jerry Hall, the gala benefited the MTV Staying Alive Foundation and Dallas Contemporary featuring a live auction led by auctioneer Alexander Gilkes of Paddle8. Spotted amongst the works of art were Anna Sophia von Zweden, Brian Bolke, Ron Corning, Jessica Nowitzki (sans Dirk), Kira Plastina, Capera Ryan, Chandra North, Anne and Steve Stodghill, Scott and Gina Ginsburg, Jim and Vinita Schroeder, and Justin and Kimberly Whitman.

live performance from Starred
Kenny and Joyce Goss

One of the things I loved about this event was the people watching. What I have discovered it that people who are new to money, usually want you to know they have money. They are the ones decked out in the most outlandish outfits, wearing the biggest jewels and driving the flashiest cars.  The people who have had money for generations, are the ones who dress really well - but are not flashy (outside of a great piece of jewelry - the ginormous wedding ring usually gives them away). Then there were the "cool kids". They are the under 35-set who are still into the rebellious look: leather jackets, funky booties, spiky hair, layers of designer chains and spikes. They refuse to grow up and because they are rich, they don't have to.  Because this event had a "rock 'n roll meets art" vibe, the attire was varied and exciting. Charles Smith II loaned me a fun Mosaic Tie Shirt dress from his SMITH II Autumn Winter 14 Collection to wear (photo below). I like clothing with a sense of humor and this event was the perfect place to wear something a bit irreverent.

Cynthia Smoot, Kendall Morgan, Jennifer Chininis
photo: Sylvia Elzafon

“RE:DEFINE is evolving into one of America's best and unique charity events which supports two important organizations - MTV Staying Alive Foundation and Dallas Contemporary. The blending of MTV, rock ’n' roll and contemporary art is pure genius,” said Peter Doroshenko, Executive Director at Dallas Contemporary.  Since 2011, RE:DEFINE has raised nearly $2 million for the fight against HIV and AIDS through the support of contemporary artists including Damien Hirst, Tracey Emin, Gerard Rancinan, Marc Quinn, Ryan Gander, Michael Craig-Martin, and Juergen Teller, among others to raise essential funding for the organization.

Artist Adam Ball few in from London for the event
(top) Renee Rouleau, Florian Oger. Kimberly Schlegel Whitman, Justin Whitman
(bottom) Nasiba Adilova. Joyce Goss, Jessica Nowitzki, Anna Sophia vov Zweden 

I had never been to the Dallas Contemporary and once there I was kicking myself that I have been missing out all this time on viewing such amazing works of art. Hob-knobbing with the art crowd of Dallas was also a new and different experience.  The most expensive piece of art in my house is a couple thousand dollars and that was an exorbitant purchase for me, so it was more than a little surreal to watch people drop $40-$75-$125K+ on works of art like it was no big deal. Just another day in the life of the rich and fabulous...  Boy, it's sure fun to be a fly on the wall. Let me tell ya. 

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photos: Daniel Driensky