Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Tim Gunn touts the merits of Nespresso at NorthPark Center

Tim Gunn and OSC's Cynthia Smoot enjoy a chat and a cup of Nespresso coffee 

There are a lot of mornings where I have to "make it work". I find it difficult to be upbeat before 10am, which is why a delicious cup of coffee is an integral part of my morning routine.  Nespresso is known as the crème de la crème of coffee brands and they have recently opened up shop at NorthPark Center in the luxury wing across from BCBG MazAzria. Don't even think about a grab-and-go situation here because Nespresso does not offer such a service. They believe that you should savor your coffee, so to-go service is not an option in their stores. You need to sit - no, lounge - in their cafe and enjoy your cup of Nespresso coffee.

VertuoLine ($299)
To celebrate their Dallas opening and the launch of their new VertuoLine coffee maker, I was invited over for lunch today to chat with style maker, Tim Gunn.

Best known for his work on Lifetime's Project Runway, Tim is an ambassador for the Nespresso brand and was thrilled to be in Dallas to talk about the importance of style, design and good taste that Nespresso brings to the table. Because form, function and fashion should always be combined to offer the very best in experiences.

The new VertuoLine coffee and espresso maker offers new centrifusion technology to gently and fully brew both large-cup coffee and authentic espresso. It has barcode reading technology that allows for precise extraction. The system reads 5 different parameters: cup size, temperature, rotational speed, flow rate and time the water is in contact with the coffee (amazing!) With simple and convenient one button operation you can have a delicious coffee beverage in about a minute and a half.

Over a latte, Tim and I became BFF's after discovering that we are both of Scottish decent. We compared family plaids and chatted about our mutual affection for former Project Runway contestant, Shirin Askari. Tim is working on a new book about style and you can currently see him in the Project Runway spin-off called Project Runway: Under The Gunn.

Next time you are shopping at NorthPark Center, stop in, sit a spell and enjoy a delicious cup of Nespresso coffee.  You will thank me.