Wednesday, June 18, 2014

All The Wire Celebrates Their One-Year Anniversary

All the Wire celebrated its one-year anniversary with a stylish soiree at Gallerie Noir this week complete with a photo booth to capture the events of the evening and bites from Urban Taco. Invited guests included such stylish pals such as Courtney Kerr, Amy Havins, Thais Moses and Rogers Healy.

Founders (and sisters) Tori Gonzales and Desiree Cox dreamed up the concept for ATW based on their mutual love of "stamping stories" and the company name came from her sister's personal love story.

Traditionally, monogrammed products are sweet and preppy in style and come on chevron or plaid designs and in pastel colors. Not this line. These girls have created a cult following by designing edgy personalized jewelry pieces using handcuffs, shotguns, bullets, razor blades and mini-pocket knives.

All The Wire launched around the same time as Tori's stint on the Bravo TV show "Courtney Loves Dallas" and although the show centered around long-time BFF, Courtney Kerr,  it provided Tori a new-found visibility that has benefited ATW's launch. Both Kerr and Gonzales have smartly used their short-lived reality TV stint to their advantage. Others reality newbies should take a lesson.  ATW has some exciting collaborations in the works, so connect with them on Instagram or Facebook to stay in the loop about this exciting home-grown brand.

Al The Wire designs taken from Instagram 

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