Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Gregg Asher is working hard to bring reality TV back to Dallas

Dallas has been in a reality TV slump lately. Two years ago, you couldn't round a corner without bumping into a film crew. But now... Big Rich Texas? Their network got sold and it died a sudden death. A-List Dallas on Logo? Not renewed. Courtney Loves Dallas. Fans didn't love it enough to bring her back. Texas Multi Mamas? Apparently motherhood isn't exciting enough for reality TV, even when you are parenting multiples. We can lay claim to the hot 'n hunky Richard Rawlins of Discovery's Fast 'N Loud and a few chefs who are still spotting the culinary competition shows... but I miss the days of the bawdy drama that these cat fights brought to my pages.

Enter Gregg Asher, who is making a valiant attempt to save the day. The fashionable set is all to familiar with Asher who is known about town for dressing in couture women's wear and 6" stilettos. The rest of the world met him in last year's Million Dollar Shoppers on Lifetime where he appeared as part of an ensemble cast about the world of luxury personal shoppers. Alas, the concept was not renewed after its inaugural season, but Asher appears to be hard at work to lay claim to a new series.  Once you've been in the red hot glare of the spotlight, it is mighty hard to let it go... According to his Instagram feed, he's currently in New York in "serious talks about my new project with Weinstein Company and Lifetime TV."  Let's wish him luck.

Photo: courtesy photo from Lifetime's Million Dollar Shoppers. Pictured Tayler Carson Sandvick and Gregg Asher