Monday, July 21, 2014

Belk's Trend Forecast for Fall 2014

Models dressed to represent the 3 Style Statements for
Fall: Rebel Rebel, His is Hers & Complex Simplicity 
Last week, I was treated to a sneak peek at the fashion trends for the upcoming Fall season as forecasted by Arlene Goldstein, VP of Trend Merchandising and Fashion Direction for Belk. Arlene showcased the looks that customers will be shopping at Belk for Fall for men and women.

My advice when it comes to trends is remember that they are just that - trends. Meaning these are styles that may last a season or two and will quickly fade away. So, invest the bulk of your money into more classic silhouettes, pick which trends you are drawn to and incorporate a few trend pieces into your existing wardrobe. Her selections fell into three Style Statements: Complex Simplicity, His is Hers and Rebel Rebel:

Complex Simplicity: New proportions, shape shifts and new age tailoring are just a few of the details that define this ultra-modern message from oversized and boxy silhouettes to exaggerated sleeves. Textiles are innovative. Patterns go graphic, so count on bold contrasts.

His is Hers: His is Hers promises recast classics and a man style mash-up with a quirky kind of coolness. With a feminine twist, borrowed from the boys has never looked better. Check out the Wine List of Fall’s favorite color palette: sangria and other exotic reds all the way to deep burgundy, merlot and mulberry.

Rebel Rebel: Break out of your fashion comfort zone and celebrates a fierce fem that wants to break a few rules, in a good way! Expect some unexpected pairings: leather and lace, winter florals and British plaids, feminine silhouettes and moto detailing. A passion for plaids, chokers, bold statement necks and cuffs in burnished metals, studded and belted ankle boots, and over the knee boots are just a few of the add-ons that make this trend so exciting.

Ellen Flowers, Heather Anderson, Cynthia Smoot, Lisa Petty, Dawn Mellon, Alex Small, Chelsea Hameister
photo: Shana Anderson

Now that you know the overall themes to look for this Fall, let's break it down into a "hot list" of must-have items.

Women’s Ten Most Wanted 

Soft Pant  |  Longer Skirt  |  Creative Cardigan  |  Novelty Vest  |  Fashion Sweatshirt 
Tunic Top  |  Midi Length Sheath  |  Statement Neck  |  Over the Knee Boots  |  Satchel  

Men’s Ten Most Wanted 

Tailored Vest (it's the new "Completer Piece" for men)  |  Athletic Top  |  Chambray Shirt 
Corduroy Pant  |  Henley (a collarless pullover shirt)  |  Puffer  |  Velvet Sportcoat  |  Jog Pant 
Fashion Add-Ons (cuff links/tie clips)  |  The Boot

Now that you have your list of must-have trends for Fall, you can shop Belk's new looks at their Galleria location at 13550 Dallas Pkwy (off Dallas North Tollway and Alpha Road). Happy shopping!!

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