Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Prepare to be Blownaway by a new beauty app

Pretty much everything has a 20-30 year cycle. You see it in fashion all the time. One could argue that designers have just run out of innovative ideas. But I'm pretty sure that designers would argue they are just taking their inspiration from trends of the past and updating them for a modern woman.

In the 50's and 60's it was the norm for women to visit their beauty salon on a weekly basis to get their hair "set". You had a regular appointment with your hairdresser and these visits became a social scene that you looked forward to. It was not only where you got beautified but got all the town gossip.

Flash forward to today and we've seen an explosion in the brick and mortar beauty scene with brands like Drybar, Blushington, La Bichette, Hair Bar, etc offering hair and makeup services. With the success these brands are having, it's no surprise that this concept is going digital to bring beauty right to your front door.

Enter Blownaway - a new mobile app delivering personalized, on-demand blow-out and makeup services with one tap of the app. With a team of remarkably talented stylists, Blownaway allows women to skip the hassle of making appointments at salons and traveling unnecessary distances before events by simply tapping a button and delivering the service to you.

Select from 10 different styles - or create your own!

How does it work? Simply download the app, select the hairstyle you'd like (you can also choose add on's like a braid or an updo), add a makeup application service if you wish, choose your date and time,  and voila - a stylist will appear at your home to turn you into a super model. Blownaway currently offers ten different beautiful blowout styles at $55 a pop and makeup application at $70 for a 45-minute service. Currently you can select hair OR make-up separately online but on the app, you can't add makeup with first selecting hair services. Small glitch... A spokesman for the app says that there was some "confusion from our app developers when we submitted to Apple. We have a full makeup section for app already completed and submitted to be added in at next app update which should be around July 26th." You can book services online by visiting

If their launch party last week was any indication of success, I'd say that Blownaway has a fine future ahead of it. My pal, Teresa Frosini at CBS Channel 11, shows you why this is one app that busy women on the go will want to download ASAP. Need more incentive to try them out? How about $10 your first appointment? Just use the code SUMMER14 when you register and enjoy!

This post was brought to you by Blownaway. While I did receive compensation for authoring this post; product selections, descriptions, and opinions are 100% my own. Interested in a sponsored post or product review? Contact me for rates and details.