Thursday, August 21, 2014

Dallas Celebrities Share Their Favorite Back-To-School Memories (Part 2)

Yesterday, I shared some fun back-to-school memories from some of Dallas most notable faces. Fox 4's Lauren Przybyl, Top Chef's Tiffany Derry, lifestyle guru and Southern Living Contributor Kimberly Whitman, Texas Monthly's Daniel Vaughan, WFAA's Alexa Conomos, real estate blogger Candy Evans, KTXD's Dawn Neufeld and TV personality and sports blogger Gina Miller all shared some fun flashbacks into their past. Today's posts offers up more fun memories of those school day fashions and must-have accessories. Enjoy!

XO, Cynthia

Lisa Petty circa 7th grade
"Looking back, I lived through some pretty cringe-worthy fashion times in my '80s and '90s school days. For example, one outfit I recall involved a sweatshirt printed with dozens of neon high top sneakers, over a pair of grey parachute pants with pink zippers. And don't even get me started on my Punky Brewster phase!

That said, however, my all-time favorite school outfit was a form-fitting red tee and a pair of dark denim jeans that (I imagined) looked just like Brooke Shields' Calvin Kleins. I would top this ensemble with a silver Jordache puffer jacket. Add a pair of studded booties, and I think the outfit might be on point for Fall 2014!"

Lisa Petty
Editor, DFW Style Daily 

"I look back on my freshman year as one of my fondest memories. I was the only freshman at Lincoln High School on the varsity basketball team, which was a big deal because we were the number one basketball team in the nation and also go to travel around the united states for basketball tournaments and also played on ESPN. So for me that was my best moment in high school." Charles advice for students? "Never fall into the pressures of trends that other kids set. Simply dress the way that best suits your mood and personality - if you don’t attend a school that has dress code that is."

Charles Smith
Designer, SMITH II 

Jackson in High School
"I simply loved my Junior year, it was at this time I found myself. I knew I wanted to design furniture, I knew I had a thing for fashion, and I knew I only wanted happy people around me." When asked what fashion trend he wishes would come back Jackson replies wistfully, " I sooooooo wish bell bottoms would come back. LOL! I still wear them - I need everyone else to catch up."

President  of FLUENT
Trendsetter and Style Icon

Raya Ramsey circa third grade
"I really loved my second- and third-grade years. I had incredible teachers. In second grade, Ms. McKelvey hosted reading days. We brought sleeping bags, tents, flashlights, and our favorite books to school and got to read all day. My third-grade teacher, Ms. Rosenblum, let us take our tests wherever we wanted in the classroom. (I always picked a spot under the overhead projector for multiplication quizzes.) Both teachers really encouraged creativity and a love for learning."

Raya Ramsey
Fashion Editor for D Magazine

"My favorite memory of school, and yes I will age myself, was the fresh smell of mimeograph paper! I always loved it when it was slightly damp. Later I learned it was damp because my teachers were procrastinators, waiting until the last minute to run off study papers or test! Go ahead and label me a Mimeograph Sniffer - I can take it! Ahhhhhh, the memories!!!!"

Steve Kemble
America’s Sassiest Lifestyle Guru
KVIL radio personality on ZAZZA Mornings

Daniel Lewis on his first day of Pre-K
"Let's face it. Back to school is all about the first day impressions: the outfits that are planned, the hair styles, right down to the accessories. The Little Red Play School is where I went and although this was not a town with lots of fancy folks or ones who might care how a small child shows up for the first day of school especially preschool, my mother always had me in complete outfit shoes and bag to match, possibly even an accessory.

Although I may not have completely understood what was happening at the time, what my mom was doing was training me to know there is a time and a place for everything and having your own style is a good thing. A big thanks to my mom for instilling not only good fashion sense in me but teaching me that it's ok to be different."

Daniel Winson Lewis
Owner and Lead Stylist for Green Peridot Salon
Contestant and Fan Favorite Winner of Bravo's "Shear Genius"

Let's go out there and make it a great school year, everybody!!