Friday, August 15, 2014

Don't Get Mad, Sell His Stuff On eBay

Fortunately my husband is not into hunting, fishing or golf. I have spent many an hour listening to my friends gripe about their husbands obsessions with these sports and the endless amounts of money that are spent in pursuit of the next kill or hole-in-one.  Instead of complaining to her girlfriends over a glass of wine, Dallas' Claudia B. is doing something about it. Specifically, she has listed the $20 million dollar yacht she and her husband own on eBay for the bargain basement price of $10 million dollars.

I received an email from Claudia saying, "I'm just a lovely wife getting rid of my husband's SuperYacht that he built from scratch, everything is custom on this boat. Unfortunately he does not listen and puts this thing before me so therefore it has to GO! Happy Bidding!!! Don't let the photo's fool you, this thing is huge! It's bigger than Tiger Wood's Super Yacht." Claudia's email claims that this would be the biggest sale in eBay history. A 30 second search on Google proved her wrong on that one.  Turns out another luxury "Giga Yacht" sold in 2005 on eBay for $140 million dollars. But, this might be the second most expensive item ever sold, which ain't too shabby. The yacht has all kinds of amenities like  a gym, spa, jacuzzi and piano. It also has a 12-person crew that costs $55,000 a month. Yeah...

When I questioned Claudia about her authority to sell the yacht, she assured me that she has full rights to sell and she is doing so because her husband is in "trouble." Alrighty then. If you are interested in a new toy for yourself, hop over to eBay and check it out.

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