Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Seamingly Perfect: Double R Custom Clothier for Women

As the co-founder of Q Clothiers and Rye 51, Ravi Ratan knows a thing or two about custom clothes. He spent his childhood alongside his father, the renowned custom-clothier KT Ratan, as he sourced fabrics and employed tailors in their family-owned workshop in Hong Kong, building up to tens of thousands of dedicated clients over fifty years.

He recently had a light-bulb moment on a trip to the mountains with his wife and two daughters and the idea for a new brand of custom clothes for women was born - Double R by Ravi Ratan. “Men have been enjoying hand-tailored, expertly fit clothing for hundreds of years,” explains Ravi. “But for women, who spend so much time and money yet still end up with ill-fitting garments, custom clothing has not really been accessible in an easy, non-intimidating format.”

With his wife, Jen Ratan, as his inspiration and muse, the two developed a proprietary system of four simple measurements. By taking just these four measurements from a customer during an appointment at their new Travis Walk studio, a custom-fit shirt in a variety of styles and fabrics can be created in a matter of weeks. Shirts begin at $165. And everything can be monogrammed. You know how I just loooooove a monogram! How great is the line? Good enough that D Magazine just gave them an award for Best Womens Clothier after only being in business for less than a year...

Inside the showroom, clients can choose from a variety of cuts in quality fabrics: the Tailored, a classic and contoured fit; the Boyfriend, with its relaxed silhouette and longer tail length; a sleeveless pullover with a keyhole back and longer tail; and seasonal tunic offerings, too. For those wanting a one-piece outfit designed to flatter and function, the two Shirt Dresses will be a popular choice.

“Expect about 100 shirt samples to review when you come for an appointment,” says Ravi. “Or you can choose from thousands of fabric swatches, and opt to select your own contrast stitching, contrast fabric, and a customized monogram style and color, too. If you want to create a one-of-a-kind piece, the combinations are basically endless.”

If that sounds overwhelming, don't worry. They are experts at asking you a few questions about your style and helping you narrow down the field to hone in on the perfect fabric choice and garment style for you. Fashion-forward collections will rotate into the mix each month, offering fresh options alongside the classics. “We will have limited editions and special designs, too,” promises Jen. “Styles like a tuxedo shirt with a ruffle (pictured above) or pleated bib, camp shirts, or Western-inspired cuts.” They’re so sure of their measurement system and the tailors their family have employed for years, the shirts come with a powerful fit guarantee.

Appointments can be made by emailing the studio at or by calling (972) 814-0000. Visit to see styles and selections.