Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Find Fashion Inspiration from Sanctuary of Style

Tiffany Hendra is a friend of mine who is beautiful inside and out. This professional model shares her years of experience on the catwalk through her fabulous blog called Sanctuary of Style. I think it's so important to keep positive and productive people around you. Tiffany embodies these traits and I love her infectious spirit.

"Every woman, regardless of age/race/geography, wants to be confident & comfortable in her skin and live life on her terms all while looking her best. Too many women are only dreaming of a vibrant & exciting life instead of actually living it. That’s why all these glamorous housewives reality shows are so popular. Women are watching other people living a fabulous life with the belief that they are not worthy of living it too. I’m sick of seeing women living life below their potential! I was one of them for a very long time. If I can help women walk confident in their power and begin living the life they deserve… then mission accomplished."

Her most recent post struck a chord with me because it's all about transitioning from Summer to Fall. I wanted to share her style tips with you. Check her out in the video below:

"On SOS, I share my two-cents, tips and tricks on everything women are interested in from beauty, skincare, shopping, personal style, health, wellness and spiritual nourishment which I call “inner beauty” tips," says Tiffany. "A great haircut, fitting into our skinny jeans and rockin’ the latest LV handbag is fabulous, but without a radiant and peaceful spirit, those external things really do not matter. There are plenty of resources out there to help us with our personal style, hair & makeup, but I have learned in order to have lasting true beauty- we must reconnect with our Spirit. For many years I did not love myself, had low self-worth and lived a shame-based existence. By the Grace of God, my “mess” has become my message! I am now on a mission to help other women get there as well."

Bookmark this page and make it a part of your daily blog reading: