Saturday, August 23, 2014

Tre Wilcox To Offer Cooking Classes With Celebrity Chef Pals

Last fall I spent the afternoon with Tre Wilcox and got to watch firsthand as he held court for one of his cooking "classes".

I use quotes around the word classes, because this is not a traditional class where you make your own food and are instructed step-by-step by the chef. This is more of a belly-up-to-the-bar-and-enjoy-a-cocktail-while-Tre-entertains-you-with-stories-and-shares-cooking-tips-and-tricks kind of class. Personally, I found it infinitely more entertaining than a traditional cooking class.

Wilcox has come up with a fun twist on his classes and asked celebrity chefs to join him for the experience. How great is it that you can now get TWO celebrity chefs for the price of one! Each class, is limited to six people and will be held from noon-­3pm on select Saturday dates in Wilcox’s condo in the Downtown Arts District. The cost is $215 per person and trust me, the entertainment value alone is worth the cost. You'll be laughing throughout the entire class and enjoy a fantastic meal at the end of it. Did I mention he also makes you cocktails? Who knew he was such a good bartender to boot...

September 20: Tiffany Derry
October 11:  John Tesar
October 25: Kent Rathbun
November 8: Omar Flores
November 22 Samir Dhurandhar
December 6: Abraham Salum
December 13: Blaine Staniford

CLICK HERE to purchase your seats for the September 20 Tre Wilcox/Tiffany Derry class.