Friday, September 26, 2014

Oh So Fashionable: Nicky Hilton bring 365 Style to Dallas

On Tuesday, September 23, Dallas’ fashion enthusiasts and media enjoyed an evening with fashion designer and author Nicky Hilton to celebrate the launch of her new book, "365 Style." The event took place at Belk Galleria Dallas and was hosted by the non-profit, THE FASHIONISTAS. The evening began with a VIP reception. Guests mingled with Nicky, took selfies and and enjoyed bites from the Westin Galleria and sips courtesy of Beau Joie Champagne. A signature cocktail was also created using Yacht Club Vodka. Spotted in the crowd were Heidi Dillon (Founder & Chairman Emeritus of THE FASHIONISTAS), Cathy Vieth, Phyllis Comu, Jarrod Fresquez, Courtney Kerr, Yvonne Crum, and Carmen Surgent.  The Savvy Stylist, Dawn Mellon, worked with Hilton and styled models for her TV appearances and for the Belk show. She met up with Hilton at her VIP book signing to quiz her about her premiss for this tome.

Here is an excerpt from Mellon's post:

"Although she once considered a teaching career, Hilton says she can’t imagine herself doing anything outside of the fashion industry. She is fascinated by every aspect of the discipline – from designing to styling to writing. Penning a ‘how-to’ guide to dressing when you think about it, then, makes perfect sense. The book, she confesses, is a result of “the frustration I felt standing in a closet full of clothes feeling like I had nothing to wear.” While it would be easy to surmise from the book’s title that the author has a year’s worth of solutions for dressing. The numbers 3, 6 and 5, actually stand for something unrelated to a calendar. The number 3 represents the three most common occasions for which you dress, based upon your lifestyle. For example, as a wife, mother, fashion stylist, and philanthropist, my 3s are spending time with my family, attending philanthropic or fashion-related events and, of course, working. “Your three’s are unique to you,” explains Hilton,” but the one thing we all have in common is the fact that we can use our three’s as a guide when we shop.” “Ultimately, your wardrobe will reflect your lifestyle,” she elaborates, “and, you must stay true to your personal style identity. It’s imperative to remember that you’re dressing for you.”

To find out what 6 and 5 represent, hop over to Dawn Mellon: The Savvy Stylist and read the full story.

Members of The Fashionistas with Nicky Hilton and co-author Allie Kingsley (in the pink sweater)
photo: LeeAnne Locken from Facebook 

Nicky snaps a selfie with fashion bloggers Stephanie Drenka and Cris Saragoza

photos: QC Cong

Referred to as The Savvy Stylist, Dawn Mellon is based in Dallas and is best known for her work with high-profile business men and women as well as national and local celebrities. A cancer survivor herself, Dawn’s passion lies in supporting philanthropy through fashion. Read more at