Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Oh So Tasty: Wagyu Oxtail at Hibiscus

Recently, I received an email that read, "When was the last time you dined at Hibiscus? Seems Graham Dodds took over as Executive Chef a few months ago and has created a menu that (according to his PR team) is both approachable and forward-thinking.

This is where they got me. The next sentence read, "A few of the menu highlights include Bobwhite Quail with creamy grits, crispy pig ear slaw, and chow chow; Wagyu Oxtail with crispy gnocchi, basil, and pesto; and Bison Flank with bison sausage, carrot puree, and shaved carrot salad. He also has an extensive charcuterie program that he is handling all in-house together with his Chef de Cuisine."

Okay, that sounded pretty awesome and since it had been several years since I had visited Hibiscus and I had never met Dodds, I accepted their invitation to check out what was happening.

Chef Graham Dodds  |  photo: Kymberli Duffy

While I enjoyed my visit to Hibiscus, the standout dish for me was the Wagyu Oxtail made with crispy gnocchi, basil, and pesto. Let me break this down for you, because what this tastes like is an elevated pot roast. Only not the over-cooked pot roast your Mom might of made on Sundays with mushy carrots and potatoes. This is a savory bowl of deliciousness and the added touch of gnocchi is inspired. If you go for no other reason, go for this dish.

Dodds opened Bolsa in 2008 and received rave reviews from D Magazine, Dallas Morning News, Dallas Observer, and a feature in the American Way Magazine and Bon App├ętit. That same year, Graham was recognized by the Dallas Morning News as one of the Top Ten new chefs in the Dallas/Ft Worth Metroplex area, and in 2009 Graham was featured as one of the top nine new chefs by the Dallas Observer. So, he's got a little street cred. Another reason to love Dodds is that he is obsessed with bees. He maintains several hives which he keeps in Dallas and Waxahachie. His website says that "Graham’s integration into his cuisine of both his own and locally produced honeys and associated products has become one of Graham’s trademarks."

Hibiscus is located at 2927 N Henderson Ave, Dallas, TX 75206, (214) 827-2927,