Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Verdict on Cattle Baron's Ball 2014

Kenny Chesney was the featured performer for CBB 2014
For the past several decades Cattle Baron's Ball had socialites tromping the fields of Southfork Ranch in support of the American Cancer Society. Earlier this year, 2014 Co-Chairs Cindy Stager and Jill Tananbaum shocked the social scene with their announcement that one of our city's most iconic fundraisers would be moving to Gilley's. This bold move had tongues wagging, wondering how the change of venue will affect the vibe of the event.

My guess, is that after several consecutive years of torrential rain the night of this annual outdoor shindig, people were tiring of spending boatloads of money only to have their hair frizz, boots muddied and VIP seating disappear as organizers scrambled at the last minute to shove the event under a tent and throw hay on the ground (which FYI, does not help much). Some called it social career suicide, but Jill and Cindy held firm in there belief that a change was needed.

Their gamble paid off in spades.

My date was TV personality and RealJane.net
blogger, Jane McGarry 
The theme was Country Rocks, so I went with more of a rocker vibe. I fell in love with this gold fringe leather mini-skirt from CUSP at Neiman Marcus and have to give Catharine Flagg from Neiman Marcus at Willow Bend a huge shoot out. Not only did she track down my size, she even brought it to my house the day of the event on her day off. With her parents in the car. On the way to brunch. Now, that is customer service and one of the many reasons I love the team at Neiman Marcus.

First off, parking was a dream. After years of road-tripping it out to Southfork Ranch, the 10-minute drive to Gilley's was awesome. I had Baron VIP parking which was across I-30 at Reunion Arena. Uber dropped me off, I stepped onto a charter bus and was walking into Gilley's in a matter of minutes.

The first question I get when I mention I attended this event has been, "How did they fit all of those people in Gilley's?" The answer, is a well thought out floorplan. They used every inch of Gilley's, inside and out. The best news? I never waited more than 2-3 minutes for a drink. THAT'S the sign of a good party right there. Period.

The energy was amazing, the music was fantastic, the outfits were to die for and I hear the Brisket Frito Pie rocked many a world. It will be a few days before we know how much was raised and the official stats on the event. I am forecasting a record fundraising effort and vote that they keep it at Gilley's every year. Kudos to Jill and Cindy for a spectacular event benefitting the American Cancer Society.

Below are some fun images from the night courtesy of the amazing Shana Anderson:

Western apparel and cold beers were everywhere..
Every year I say I am going to ride that Ferris Wheel, but I never do...
God Bless Texas 
Aw, I love that they are holding hands. Best date night ever!
Yes, the night was that much fun.
Is she asking for a drink or biding on an auction item? Not sure, but she is intent on getting whatever she's flagging down! 
My posse: LeeAnne Locken, D'Andra Simmons, Tiffany Hendra and Cheryl Rios
Robert Weatherly and Hilary Luter