Thursday, October 30, 2014

You Can't Look Away from a Good Train Wreck

Bri Crum will share her stories in November
performances of Oral Fixation 
I've heard people say that attending Oral Fixation is like a cheap form of therapy. According to their website, what Oral Fixation brings to the table that makes it stand out is twofold: first, every theme is an idiom in the English language, a phrase we use often that has both a literal and a figurative meaning.

Secondly, the evening of stories is curated and edited by creator Nicole Steweart. She solicits submissions. Then, from the submissions, she selects a variety of points of view (different ages, genders, races, socio-economic backgrounds, etc) to create an hourlong evening of stories that will take the audience on a ride from laughing in recognition of shared experiences to poignant moments of courageous exposure of flaws to laugh-out loud incredible moments that would seem too good to be true.

Of course, they are all true and that is another wonderful rule in the world of Oral Fixation. November's theme is “Train Wreck” and headlining the show will be my fun and fabulous pal Bri Crum from Inside Entertainment TV. Bri will share with courage and vulnerability how she’s navigated mental health obstacles to get to a place where she no longer feels like her life is a train wreck about to happen.

Joining her for two nights of fun: Glynn Wilcox, the rare witness to an actual train wreck, talking about his marriage ending and accidentally catching his house on fire. Paul Scott, an Oral Fixation veteran, will recall his second honeymoon at a couples’ resort that was a total disaster. Caroline North to discuss a train ride to visit her half-brother, a former meth addict, that forced to face her own addiction and make an important decision. Linda Thomas will profess how her life became a train wreck after she moved to California and found herself pregnant, hungry, and hopeless. Nan Kirkpatrick outlining the web of lies that led her to realize she’s an alcoholic. And John Mathews will share how his life of crime and addiction took him to prison four times before he turned things around with the help of the Dallas-based Prison Entrepreneurship Program (PEP).

These topics may seem heavy, but in the grand tradition of Oral Fixation, they promise you many laughs, too. So join them on Monday, November 3, at the Wyly, or Wednesday, November 12, at Texas Theatre. 8pm. Tickets are on sale now. Get them before this train leaves the station. Tickets available at