Thursday, January 22, 2015

MagikHelp Replaces Helpless Husbands

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My Mother used to tell a story about my Dad and how he won a radio contest for being the laziest husband alive. The story that won him the title goes a little something like this. One hot spring night when my Mother was about 8.5 months pregnant with me, she was mowing the front yard with a push mower while my Dad sat on the front porch drinking a beer. After a while, she paused to wipe her brow and catch her breath. Looking over at him she said, “Aren’t you afraid that the neighbors will see what a horrible husband you are, making your pregnant wife mow the yard?” Looking up at the sky he responded, “If you wait 20 minutes, it’ll be dark and no one will see.” I don’t think I ever saw my Dad fix something broken or be “handy”. I bet my Mother wishes there had been companies like MagikHelp back then. MagikHelp, is a local company that’s giving your time back and finishing your projects around the house all for $20 per hour. If you have projects like yard work, cleaning, moving, or furniture assembly – they have knights in shining armor ready to come to your aid.

Brothers, Haley and Keaton Hougen, come from the home remodeling and landscaping industries and realized that the general public doesn’t have easy access to a labor pool that is readily available. “It’s an industry that hasn’t quite changed with the times. Laborers were hanging out around labor centers and hardware stores instead of helping the people that need projects completed.” Welcome to the 21st century of labor: Online booking, background checked workers with their own transportation and online payments. I married a man just like my Father and am constantly sending out emails to my neighbors to see who their go-to person is for various projects around the house. NO MORE! Visit for efficient service. Click on the “Book a Helper” button. Choose from the list of services and click “Book” so MagikHelp can custom fit you with a Helper who is skilled in that area of work. Choose a date and time that is convenient for you on their online calendar. Enter your personal and job information, and you’re done. Your Helper will arrive at your home when requested ready to work.

Ah, don’t you love technology.

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