Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Oh So Charitable: 6th Annual A Beacon of Hope Luncheon

(Press release) Over 450 people came together to support of Grant Halliburton Foundation’s 6th annual A Beacon of Hope luncheon at the Westin Galleria. Presented by the David B. Miller Family Foundation and chaired by Maloree and Bob Banks, the luncheon featured the daughter and father team of Elizabeth McIngvale-Cegelski and Jim McIngvale as keynote speakers in a dynamic presentation of the compelling story of their family’s journey through years of battling severe mental illness, told from the viewpoints of both parent and child. Master of Ceremonies Terry Bentley Hill welcomed the crowd and shared a personal message of her own story of suicide loss and mental illness in her family, saying she is honored to be a part of this wonderful organization which helps so many. Elizabeth and Jim began their presentation with a snippet of an interview Elizabeth had done over 10 years ago with Barbara Walters on the Today Show, giving the crowd a truthful introduction to her experience with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). As they took turns at the podium relating the horrors and feelings of hopelessness mental illness brought to their family, everyone was drawn into the story of Elizabeth’s rituals and routines, hospitalization and recovery and Jim’s dedication to her, saying her life and determination shows hope and healing really is possible. He said this is the raw reality, that help and hope can lead to peace of mind, challenging everyone to speak out, learn the signs and that the stigma of mental illness can be stamped out with everyone working together.

Last year 5,000 people were reached by the Foundation with personal training. Exciting news for this year: Since the CONTACT Crisis Line has closed, its Teen CONTACT program has been integrated into the Grant Halliburton Foundation’s programming and they have not missed a beat, training over 3,200 students and staff since January 1 of this year, bringing the programs together and moving forward with their mission. The mission of the Grant Halliburton Foundation is to help prevent suicide, promote better mental health and strengthen the network of mental health resources for teens and young adults. For more information, visit the web site at

photos: Dana Driensky and Daniel Driensky

Header image: Jim McIngvale and his daughter, Elizabeth McIngvale-Cegelski, featured speakers
(Left to right) Barb Farmer, Luncheon Founding Chair; Janette Evans, Ashley Farmer | Maloree and Bob Banks, luncheon chairs |  Diana Weaver, Heidi Perry, raffle winner; Vanita Halliburton, President, Grant Halliburton Foundation