Monday, March 30, 2015

Tony Zazza To Launch Entertainment Podcast March 30

Tony Zazza is one of Dallas' most beloved radio personalities. He started his career at KDMX (then Mix 102.9) back in June on 1998 where he began as a weekend host eventually working his way up to morning host. In 2009, he bounced to KVIL where he hosted the midday show at KVIL before being moved to mornings in January of 2013. In November of 2014, KVIL disbanded the morning show.

So, what's he been up to in the last five months? Apparently creating some great new projects. Zazza will launch a new branch of his brand via podcast this Monday, March 30th.  Zazza Mornings: The Podcast” will deliver a “Daily dose of fun and frivolity” with guest co-hosts each day covering lifestyle, pop culture, local and other entertainment trends. Zazza Mornings: The Podcast” is available via the Podcast App on Apple iPhone (download on Apple's App Store) and also available through the SoundCloud App for other devices such as Android.

He also recently inked a deal to be the host of a new locally-produced television reality series called “Bullies: The Reality Show” where bullies and those being bullied receive help, guidance, and extra surprises from special guests to resolve their pressing problems. More information is available at http://Bullies.TV. Tony told the FWST that "the show has been soliciting stories via its website, and has received several submissions to get it going when it begins filming in late April. There’s not a hard debut date yet, and it will start as a web-only series, although there are hopes that it will be picked up for a broadcast/cable-TV version." Tony is way too cute to be stuck behind a mic in a radio studio so I am thrilled to see him branching out into these new vehicles to show not only his adorable face but his huge charitable heart for others.