Thursday, April 9, 2015

Oh So Charitable: SHONA Brings The Bling For Breasts

Tiffany Hendra and LeeAnne Locken ooh and ahh over pieces from the collection. 

Lovers of baubles and beads and shiny things gathered at the home of Dr. Mark and Cary Deuber to peruse and shop the Spring/Summer Collection of Shona Gilbert, creator of SHŌNA jewelry. A portion of the proceeds went to benefit The Doris Daniely Outreach for Breast Reconstruction. Among those in attendance battling it out for Shona's coveted designs were LeeAnne Locken, Tiffany Hendra, Stephanie Hollman, Brandi Redmond, Heidi Snadon, Marie Reyes, and fashion stylist Laurie Graham. On display was SHŌNA's new “Revolver” line. "This is go-to, everyday jewelry that when worn daily becomes your absolute 'I can’t leave home without it' favorites," said Gilbert. "This collection is titled 'Revolver' but it seems everyone has nicknamed it 'Go To Jewelry' and I love that!" The collection consists of needles with gemstones and diamonds, diamond double-ball earrings, and or gold diamond ear climber earrings and little baby colored diamond rings. Diamonds, silks and stones make up the whimsical feel of SS tassels. "I think I was a twenties flapper in a previous life," laughed Gilbert. "I just keep re-inventing the tassel necklace with every life challenging inspiration."

Dr. Mark Deuber, Carol Autry and Cary Deuber
The Doris Daniely Outreach for Breast Reconstruction generates financial and educational resources related to breast reconstruction following a diagnosis of breast cancer. Their purpose is to provide financial assistance to women in the North Texas area and to educate the community regarding breast reconstruction. Dr. Deuber is one of several plastic surgeons in the Dallas-area who provides reconstructive surgeries for their recipients to help them get back their sense of identity and self-esteem after battling breast cancer.

"Cary and I donate our time and services to help these post mastectomy patients reclaim their self esteem," said Dr. Mark Deuber, "The costs of reconstruction go far beyond the physicians fees to include medical devices and hospital fees, easily running into tens of thousands of dollars. We support Doris Daniely Outreach because this organization is the only option for some of our patients to cover these costs."  To learn more about this organization, visit

Designer, Shona Gilbert, shows off her Spring/Summer Collection
Stephanie Hollman and friends shop to support The Doris Daniely Outreach for Breast Reconstruction

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