Wednesday, April 8, 2015

HGTV HOME Plant Collection Wants You To Turn Up the Garden Color this Spring

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It’s that glorious time of year when your garden wakes up from its winter slumber and beckons you back to planning, planting and spending time achieving new looks on patios, decks, porches and in beds around the yard. What are the hot new color trends for 2015 that are influencing color everywhere, from your closet and home décor right out the door into your garden?

  1. Bold, primary colors like green, blue and yellow 
  2. Rich jewel tones including lavender and teal 
  3. Rustic earth tones like burnt orange that reflect colors in nature 
  4. Updated, modern pastels

Those are the color palettes influencing this spring’s fashion, home décor and garden color trends. And it’s all by design. Take the HGTV HOME Plant Collection’s Expressions Annuals combinations, available now at Southwest The Home Depot stores for the first time this spring. The Plant Collection works with HGTV HOME design director Nancy Fire to combine the latest color palettes and design trends with their plant genetics for annual mixes bursting with on-trend color. Nancy Fire provided some great suggestions for matching annuals’ colors and styles to on-trend containers to achieve a total look. When you purchase your annuals this year, notice the style, texture and color palette. Is it fun or is it sophisticated? Is it modern or romantic?

Window on Color
Let’s say you select an orange annuals mix (like HGTV Plants’ Orange Bliss). The color orange is so on-trend this year. Nancy Fire says it would look amazing in a wooden planter or wooden window box. (Did you know that window boxes are back this year?) Then you can complement that look with accent orange petunias in a galvanized metal container for an updated, retro look.

The Color Purple
Purple tones, from light lavender to deep purple, are big for 2015. Choose a purple annuals mix (like HGTV Plants’ Purple Genius) with nice, cool tones. Then plant the mix in an oxidized metal container for an updated, industrial look. The purple blooms and the beautiful gray tones of the container create a cool, eye-catching vibe.

Down to Earth
Love earth tones? Consider a shade annuals mix that will thrive in sun-dappled areas of the yard (like Shady Showoffs from HGTV Plants and a mix called Lush Gold with yellow, white and burgundy tones). Nancy Fire suggests planting this mix in a terra cotta pot for a very natural look.

Be creative. If the container you select doesn’t quite complement the color of your annuals, then paint it a single color or add a multi-hued design. The possibilities are endless. When you develop an eye for color in the garden and then complement that color with containers that express your style, you’ll achieve garden looks to enjoy all season long. For lots more great landscaping ideas, connect with HGTV HOME Plants on Facebook or via their website.  Click here to find The Home Depot store nearest you!

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