Monday, May 18, 2015

Accessorize Your Face with Firmoo

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Me and my mini-me at Hillstone last week wearing my new
Firmoo frames (F048)
I recently celebrated my birthday and I have mixed feelings about it. I turned 48 this year and now that I'm staring 50 in the face, racing towards that milestone is hardly cause to dance a jig - in my opinion. My 40s have been great but honestly, I'd like to just freeze time for a little bit. The worst thing about getting older is that you start to notice a physical decline. Your skin starts to lose elasticity and everything that used to be firm now has a slight jiggle to it. I could shoot myself up with fillers and (gads!) hit the gym... but (shrug) it's just easier to just whine about it. Another thing that's starting to change is my eyesight.

I had Lasik surgery in my early 30s. I always liked wearing glasses but once you have a baby you find that they tend to like to grab them and YANK them off your face - which can be quite painful. And expensive. At the time I had Lasik, my doctor told me that around my mid-40s I would probably have to have the procedure done again - that your eyes change with age and with that comes the need for a refresher. And here I am. I've been wearing glasses for a couple of years. I used to just need them for reading, and then I needed them during the day when I was on the computer, and now I find that any time I don't have them on the world is very hazy.

Firmroo frame #F039
My last pair of frames came from a stylish Highland Park optical boutique and ran me upwards of $800. Another thing that is happening to me as I get older? I'm turning into my Mother and becoming very frugal with my money. So, I was excited when I was approached by an online optical company called Firmoo. is the world's most popular online eyeglasses store. Years of expertise in optical industry enable to offer varieties of prescription eyewear to the consuming public in high quality yet at extremely affordable prices. They offer over a wide variety of frames: plastic to metal to titanium in lots of styles and colors.

You upload a photo of yourself from your computer and then you "try on" the frames you like to see how they would look on your face. Once you find a pair you like, you upload your prescription and a few weeks later your new frames are on your doorstep. This online visual is good but not perfect and I'm not gonna lie, when the first pair of frames I ordered came in, I liked them but felt like they were a tad small for my face. So I went back to Firmoo and tried it again. I ended up with two new pairs of glasses for under $150 - with progressive lenses. Let's reflect back to the beginning of this post where I said my last pair of frames were valued at over $800. It was worth the experimentation! Now that I've been through this exercise, my advice would be to go to an optical store and try on frames to find the style and size you like. The price sticker on any frame you try on will have 3 numbers: the lens width, bridge measurement and lens height. (For exp: 52-17-45.) Write down the measurements so when you go online, you know the range in which to work.

I was very pleased with my Firmoo experience and will definitely be using them again. After all, glasses are an accessory, just like shoes or jewelry. What girl do you know that has one pair of shoes? Exactly! I need options! New customers to Firmoo will receive 15% off their first order, so try them out!

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