Monday, November 16, 2015

Andy Cohen reveals how Ladies of Dallas became Real Housewives of Dallas

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On a recent edition on Bravo's The Daily Dish, Andy Cohen revealed that Real Housewives of Dallas has been a long time coming. "We've been tinkering around with Dallas for, I want to say seven years we've been thinking about this. We cast there. We cast in Houston. We didn't get it right in either place," Andy explained. "And then this casting happened, I want to say, maybe a year ago. (Try a year a a half, Andy) I don't even know. We thought this could be good. Is it a Ladies of Dallas? Is it a Housewives? And then we we saw it we thought... This is a Real Housewives of Dallas" To which I say, "Yaaaaaaaas!" Andy goes on to say that the ladies that have been cast remind him of Orange County and New York in the early years. When asked to elaborate, he said, "It's the way they communicate with each other. It's about how they live their lives, it's about families, it's very grounded... and it just harkens back to early Housewives." Andy is clearly infatuated with the cast of RHOD and I'm sure we will be too! Bravo has yet to announce the cast of RHOD and speculation is rampant among both local and national media outlets. Even I have been fingered by many as a possible candidate here and here and here. Aw, shucks... You sure know how to flatter a girl. Like Andy loves to say, we will just have to "watch what happens" but you know you will here it here first - so stay tuned!

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