Friday, December 4, 2015

Shop Local For The Holidays: Stay Healthy, My Friends

I often tell people that this website is my love letter to the city of Dallas. I love shining a spotlight on the people, places and events that make Dallas special. We have many creative and talented designers and manufacturers right in our own backyard. Their contributions not only bolster our local economy, but impact our image around the world. Throughout the holiday season, I will be bringing you a series of posts called Shop Local, giving you great gift ideas from Dallas-area designers and retailers. Support local companies this season by considering their wares. The holiday season is filled with health and diet pitfalls. They come disguised as iced-sugar cookies, stuffed mushroom caps and champagne punch cocktails. Before you know it, you've put on 10 pounds! If you are traveling back and forth to Grandma's house via airplane, chances are you will come home with a nasty cold. Not a good way to start a New Year... Since opening in 1976, Mark Herrin and the science staff at Sundrops have maintained a commitment to current nutrition science. I love that I can walk in and tell them what my aches and pains are or that my goal is to get my nails to grow faster and they can recommend the perfect vitamin or supplement for me. The staff's expertise includes nutrition and dietetics, as well as specific knowledge in the areas of immunity, brain health, cardiovascular health, gastrointestinal health, weight loss and food sensitivity.

Sundrops Immune Support Kit includes Olive Leaf Extract, SambuActin (Black Elderberry Lozenges), ADP
(Oil of Oregano) and V Clear (Upper Respiratory Treatment) ($59.95) 

Have someone on your list who travels all the time? Sundrops Immune Support Kit (see photo above) is the perfect gift to help them stave off a cold. It includes Olive Leaf Extract, SambuActin (Black Elderberry Lozenges), ADP (Oil of Oregano) and V Clear (Upper Respiratory Treatment) Cost: $59.95. This is a scientifically-supported way to get better and feel better FAST. This powerful combination is designed to support your own immune system for faster recovery when you need it now.

Sundrops Essentials Program includes a Pure O.N.E. Multivitamin, OmegaPure 900 Fish Oil, and Advanced Calcium Complex. ($69.95)

Any woman on your list will benefit from Sundrops Advanced Skin Renewal set. It includes MyChelle "Remarkable Retinal Serum", MyChelle "Perfect C Serum", "Hyaglo" (Hyaluronan Serum), and ForteSil - 60 Vegetable Caspules.  This combination is a complete system designed to rejuvenate, protect, and hydrate while supporting collagen formation, resulting in youthful, glowing skin.  Cost is $149.95. The Essentials Program includes Pure O.N.E. Multivitamin, OmegaPure 900 Fish Oil, and Advanced Calcium Complex.  Cost is $69.95. The Essentials program contains critical nutrients in their most bioavailable forms. In a perfect world we'd get all of this stuff from our perfectly balanced diet, but in the real world, nearly everyone from high school and college students on up to grandparents can benefit from this premium program.

(left) Sundrops Holiday Mix (right) Sundrops Movie & College Goodies

A great way to combat those unwanted holiday pounds is to have healthy snacks in the house. Instead of reaching for a handful of cookies grab a handful of healthy nuts or dried fruit! Snacks at Sundrops are serious business. They have to be healthy, tasty, low in sugar, and made with high-quality ingredients. Pick up Sundrops Movie and College Goodies for $38.50. This gift pack includes 479° Popcorn, Dark Chocolate selections (x2), Tosi Nut bars (x2), Nick's Sticks (free range Turkey) (x2), a"One" protein bar - Birthday Cake flavor, Dry Roast Nut Mix (1/2 lb), and San Pellegrino (x2).   This collection makes a great care package for loved ones, or you can keep it for yourself for the ultimate theater snack stash. Another great option is their Holiday Mix set for $24.95. It includes Walnuts, Tart Cherries, Dry Roast Mix (Pecans, cashews, almonds, pistachios), and Mark's Mix (pistachios, hazelnuts, goji berries, cashews, tart cherries, oat-dusted dates).  This is the go-anywhere gift sure to keep you in good standing with even the most persnickety of acquaintances. You could even gift one to yourself (if you've been good this year).

Give the gift of health this season!

Sundrops is located at 4306 N. Central Expy (at Fitzhugh), Dallas, TX 75206. 214) 521-0550.