Friday, February 5, 2016

The Cheryl "Action" Jackson Show Debuts Saturday, February 6

Cynthia Smoot with Dr. Cheryl Jackson

Dr. Cheryl "Action" Jackson is not just a woman. She is an author, philanthropist, TV host, emcee, ambassador for Oprah's OWN community - a super human force of nature disguised as a mere mortal. You can get to know her through a new weekly TV show called (shocker) the Cheryl "Action" Jackson Show which will air on Verizon or you watch live online at the UA Network every Saturday at 7:30AM. "This platform will allow me to show viewers the faces and tell the stories of the people who are hungry in our community and the people who care about this community and are making a difference," says Jackson. In addition to the TV show, Jackson will be writing a regular feature for the Huffington Post called "People of Action" and integrating them into the show. I will be joining her every week for a feature called "Discover Dallas" where I bring you the hippest and hottest events, exhibits and shows coming up for the following week. On tomorrow's first episode, Cheryl introduces me to viewers and we chat about Decadence: Fashions of the 1920s at the Galleria.

As a catalyst of change and champion of comeback, Jackson discovered her life’s mission through unforeseen adversity and setbacks. Being homeless and hungry led her to create Minnie’s Food Pantry, a charity dedicated in honor of her mother, Minnie Ewing. That organization has provided over 3 million meals to families in the North Texas area. Cheryl has also made national appearances on The Talk, The Marriage Ref, ABC World News with Diane Sawyer and the AP Oprah Farewell reel. She was even interviewed by the incomparable, Dr. Maya Angelou! As a media maven and personality, Jackson produced weekly segments on ABC’s, Good Morning Texas, was featured in The Dallas Morning News with her popular article, “Take Action.” Recently, she hosted a movie premiere segment on ET’s, The Insider. She also authored a memoir of her journey, “What in the Word Are You Doing?” The Huffington Post honored Jackson as the “Greatest Person of The Day.”

Get ready to fall in love with Cheryl "Action" Jackson when you tune into Verizon (Ch. 27) or watch live online at the UA Network every Saturday at 7:30AM!

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