Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Dallas Designer Esé Azénabor Is Poised To Become Fashion's Next Big Thing

Tammy Franklin, Vivica A. Fox, Natasha Hastings, Pat Smith

Meet the woman is is poised to become fashion's next big thing: Esé Azénabor. Hailing from a family who considered fashion design more of a hobby than a career, Azénabor initially had to sweep her creative urges under the rug. The Azénabor name was grounded in the fields of medicine, law, and engineering, and Esé, in turn, attended the University of Windsor in Windsor in Ontario, Canada, and majored in accounting. A move to Dallas followed to pursue a Master’s Degree at Southern Methodist University. It was in Dallas that Esé began to follow her dreams and started designed handmade dresses for herself, friends and family. In 2012, without any financial assistance, this self-taught designer traded predictable college life for the wild world of fashion with the launch of her self-titled ready-to-wear line. At her sewing machine, she conceptualized her fascination for heavy hand beading, crocheted lace, exquisite fabrics and embroidery. Inspired by a combination of vintage, African, Egyptian, and contemporary European influences, she merged cultures to create her debut of her Haute-Couture and Ready-to-wear luxurious collection. Esé Azénabor has now debuted five collections including her Fall/Winter 2015 collection inspired by Henry VIII as well as her Spring/Summer 2016 Collection with the theme of The Garden of Eden during New York’s Fashion Week and proved herself to definitely be one to watch in seasons to come. Esé Azénabor’s designs are inspired by the arts and her culture. They are daring, luxurious, extravagant, and shows her artistic side through her beading and attention to detail.

She is already making a name for herself in Hollywood, having dressed A-listers like actress Vivica A. Fox, author and philanthropist Pat Smith, Olympic Gold Medalist Natasha hastings and the wife of Grammy award-winning Kirk Franklin, Tammy Franklin. And let's not forget that my appearance in her white jumpsuit at DIFFA caused an uproar and a 2-minute conversation on KTXD's The Broadcast the next day (see video proof below). I'm telling you, if you want to make sure you land on the Best Dressed list... you need to be wearing Esé Azénabor.

My cleavage got a major shout on from Lisa Pineiro and Amy Kushnir on The Broadcast TV today. That jumpsuit from Esé Azénabor was pretty boobalicious... (excuse the bootleg video)
Posted by Oh So Cynthia on Monday, March 9, 2015

You can meet Esé and see her latest work on Tuesday, March 29th at a fashion presentation benefiting Ally's Wish. Esé will debut her Fall/Winter 2016 collection of women’s luxury garments and showcase her Spring/Summer 2016 collection at the estate of Tricia Sims located at 5842 Falls Rd, Dallas, TX 75254. Her Spring/Summer collection has already shown at at New York Fashion Week and fashion lovers who attend will be enchanted with the over 50 looks that walk the runway during this incredible show.

Azénabor’s newest collection is entitled "Venetian Dream". This new Fall/Winter 2016 collection is 100% hand sewn with custom fabrics created specifically for this collection. The inspiration originated from the desire to incorporate a Venetian flair into her own home. Throughout her research on Venetian inspired homes, she became fascinated with the antic plasterwork, dramatic moldings and the unique architecture.

She successfully emulated those elements in her collection through intricate beading and embroidery. Core components of her collection include materials such as silk crepe, silk mesh and silk tulle. Known for her detailed beading and embroidery work, in this collection the designer utilized a combination of Japanese glass beads, sequins and Swarovski crystals. Her last collection inspired by the Garden of Eden was very colorful whereas the Venetian Dream Collection consists of golds/blacks, white/blacks and white/gold. General admission tickets are $65 and VIP seated tickets are $100. Purchase your seat TODAY at https://allyswish.z2systems.com/np/clients/allyswish/donation.jsp?campaign=8&&test=true