Monday, March 28, 2016

Real Housewives of Dallas Taglines Revealed

Taglines for the Real Housewives of Dallas were released today and it revealed several interesting facts! For starters, the ladies are holding stars. No shocker here. Atlanta holds a peach, Beverly Hills holds diamonds, New York holds an apple. A star is a natural choice for Texas, considering we ARE the Lone Star state! The most anticipation from fans is always over what the ladies tag lines will be, so without further ado:

Brandy Redmond quips, "I was a Cowboys cheerleader. In Dallas, I'm never on the sidelines."
Tiffany Hendra purrs, "I came home to Dallas to shine my light... not fight."
Cary Deuber exclaims, "I'm not a trophy wife, I'm a lifetime achievement award!"
Stephanie Hollman says, "I'm the girl next door, if you live in a big 'ole mansion."
LeeAnne Locken fires off, "I grew up a carnie kid, play games with me you're gonna pay."

What do you think of the opener and the ladies taglines? I hope everyone is as EXCITED as I am for the show! Set your DVRs for Monday, April 11 at 9PM CST for the debut of The Real Housewives of Dallas!

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