Monday, April 25, 2016

Real Housewives of Dallas Memes From Episode 3: Making Frenemies (April 25, 2016)

Tonight, the Real Housewives of Dallas kicked off with Tiffany visiting Cary’s couture closet to tape a vlog segment for her web series, Sanctuary of Style. During the course of the afternoon, Tiffany discovers a shocking revelation about Mark - he's a flaming Metrosexual who not only loves to cook but also buys all of Cary's clothes and knows a thing or two about clothing construction and textile design. Brandi dealt with fallout from Bryan after her alcohol-infused episode at a male strip club (now she knows how he feels when he gets accosted after a boys night out at The Lodge) and LeeAnne invited Stephanie and Cary to lunch at Bread Winners in Inwood Village (despite the exterior shot of the Uptown location) to address Brandi’s behavior at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party where this blog got a MAJOR shoutout. Holla! Don't worry, Harvey Levin, I think your job at TMZ is perfectly safe. Finally, Brandi's Mom (Jana Nace) shared a family secret that causes Brandi to question everything she thought she knew about her grandfather. Here's a meme-tactic recap (in no particular order) and a video clip of my moment of glory courtesy of Stephanie Hollman:

Thanks to Stephanie Hollman for giving OSC a major shoutout in tonight's episode. 
From here on out, you can just call me, Harvey. 

And remember, people.