Monday, April 18, 2016

Real Housewives of Dallas Memes From Episode 2: Mad As a Hatter (April 18, 2016)

In the Real Housewives of Dallas Episode 2 titled Mad As A Hatter,  LeeAnne enlists the help of a Benzario Couture to create an extravagant hat for the Dallas Arboretum's annual Mad Hatter’s Tea Party, one of the most coveted events on the Dallas social calendar. Brandi struggles with her husband Bryan’s constant business travel as she hosts a birthday party for her mother. Elsewhere, Tiffany and Aaron go house hunting with Tiffany's pal Cortney Bailey, despite Aaron’s reservations about setting down roots in Dallas. Later, Stephanie and Cary are dragged deeper into Brandi’s conflict with LeeAnne when Brandi arrives to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party donning a hat decorated with fake poop. Want more information on what really went down at Mad Hatters, CLICK HERE to read my post after last year's shit storm.

Here is a recap of my favorite moments from #RHOS Episode 2, presented in meme-tasctic style: