Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Real Housewives of Dallas Memes From Episode 1: Everything’s Bigger In Dallas (April 11, 2016)

The ladies of Real Housewives of Dallas gave us internet GOLD in last night's debut episode. There were many nuggets of wisdom that they dropped on us (and each other) and Madonna would even say they "gave good face." According to the Bravo press release, "Everything’s bigger in Dallas - the egos, the attitudes, and the bank accounts. Cary hosted a benefit at her home where inappropriate behavior by best friends Brandi and Stephanie raised the ire of social maven, LeeAnne. Later, tensions boiled over at a prestigious charity event as Stephanie was dragged into a feud between Brandi and LeeAnne. Meanwhile, LeeAnne’s best friend, Tiffany, questioned whether her recent move back to Dallas from Los Angeles was the right decision for her and her rocker husband, Aaron."  We saw Tiffany and LeeAnne visit Vintage Martini on Henderson Ave, and Tiffany and Aaron had coffee at The Pantry before going guitar shopping at The Guitar Sanctuary in McKinney, TX.

Here are some of my favorite moments from last night's debut episode:

I gotta give a shout out to the City of Plano. Their response to me on Twitter over LeeAnne's "It's a little Plano in here" comment was FABULOUS. 😂😂😂

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