Monday, May 2, 2016

Real Housewives of Dallas Memes From Episode 4: Mouth Of The South (May2, 2016)

Tonight's 4th episode of the Real Housewives of Dallas was titled "Mouth of the South". Guess who has a starring role? Stephanie and Brandi hit the road for a family trip to visit Stephanie’s parents in Coweta, Oklahoma. After a 4-hour road trip with four children under the age of 6, Stephanie noted that her next car purchase needed to come with a nanny and a prescription of Xanax. Back in Dallas, Cary took another step toward building a friendship with Tiffany and extended an invite to join her for yoga. Actually, this wasn't so much an outreach of friendship, but an opportunity for Cary to show off her contortionist moves and intimidate Tiffany. After that scene every man in America now wants to have sex with Cary... Marie hosted a lavish cocktail party at (the now defunct) Stephan Pyles restaurant Downtown, where an embarrassing revelation about LeeAnne came to light via a gossipy gay. Seems years and years and years ago, LeeAnne got so sh*t face wasted that she pooped in a bag because she couldn't get to a bathroom quick enough. My thought on that is CAN WE QUIT TALKING ABOUT POOP!?!?!!? Episode 4 ended with Tiffany’s effort to broker peace between Brandi and LeeAnne backfire with disastrous results. Stay tuned for next week when Tiffany loses her cool and LeeAnne tries to hop on a moving trolley. Oy vey. Here's a meme-tactic recap (in no particular order). Enjoy!