Monday, June 27, 2016

Andy Cohen Talks About The Possibility Of A Season 2 For The Real Housewives Of Dallas

Andy Cohen and his BFF, Anderson Cooper, are on the road with their AC2 tour this Summer and made a stop in Austin last Saturday. While they were in the vicinity, they called in to talk to the Kidd Kraddick Morning Show for Dish Nation. J-Si started the interview by asking Cohen, "Andy, why didn't you ask Kellie Rasberry to be a Housewife of Dallas?" To which Cohen laughed and said, "You know what... because I didn't want to ruin Kellie Rasberry's life! I wished that I would have thought of it. We're looking around in case we do Season Two. You want to throw your name in the hat?" To which Kellie retorted emphatically, "Andy...NO. I was going to ask you - because we are fans of the show - is there a potential season two of the Real Housewives of Dallas?" Cohen says, "There IS a potential second season of the Real Housewives of Dallas, you bet." When asked about the potential of new cast Cohen said cryptically, "We always shake it up a little bit. Now that the Reunion has aired and all the dust is settling, we're taking a look back and reevaluating and figuring out who we want to keep and who we want to let go."

Note the pronoun choice when he said "who we want to keep and who we want to let go." 
Not who we would want to keep...  Freudian slip maybe? 

Kellie Rasberry then says to Cohen, "We think we want to get rid of poop and charity. That's what we need to get rid of." Cohen replies, "You mean Brandi and LeeAnne?". "No. Just all conversations of poop and charity," Rasberry states.  Anderson Cooper chimes in, "I like that she thought she was using code words."  

Casting is definitely underway for new cast additions should Bravo greenlight a second season. They are talking to every eligible housewife within 20 miles of the city. Two things I hear are high on the list of criteria: wealth and diversity. Sources tell me that Bravo definitely wants to elevate the level of luxury living next season. Ethnic diversity would be icing on the cake if they can find it. It's not that Dallas doesn't have tons of money, the problem is finding people with money who are willing to do this show. Names being tossed around include Dawn NeufeldCathy ViethHeidi DillonGina GinsburgGood Christian B*tches author Kim Gatlin, Jennifer Gaydos Hartman, Dawn Mellon and Melissa Rountree to name a few. It will probably be August before we get an official announcement from Bravo and if there is to be a Season Two, it's most likely that filming will begin in September.