Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Belong Tour Comes To Dallas September 30-October 1

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Do not miss Patsy Clairmont, Angela Davis, Jen Hatmaker, Sharon Irving, Shauna Niequist, and Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Nichole Nordeman at the Dallas stop of The Belong Tour

If you believe everything you see on social media, it would be easy to think that everyone you know is living a picture perfect life. But the reality is that life is not perfect - no matter what kind of filter you are using for it. Regardless of your age or status, everyone is feeling some level of dissatisfaction with where they are on the ladder of life. Single while watching all your friends marry off and start families? A busy, often frazzled mom with to-do lists a mile long while your social media friends seemingly have it all together? A recent college grad, or a now-empty nester, just trying to figure out what’s next? It’s easy to feel unsettled or uncertain, and sometimes figuring it all out isn’t so easy. If you are nodding your head at this point, then read on because you won't want to miss The BELONG Tour.  It's an amazing event coming to cities across the country in 2016 that features a wonderful lineup of inspirational women that you will definitely want to hear and learn from. These writers, musicians, athletes, poets and friends are not afraid to get real – even when reality isn’t pretty. The BELONG Tour will land at the American Airlines Center on Friday, September 30 and Saturday, October 1. This 2-day event will give attendees an experience that challenges you to open your hearts, experience connection, and ROCK your purpose. (Keep reading to see how you can SAVE $20 off admission)

The tour will be headlined by Patsy Clairmont, Angela Davis, Jen Hatmaker, Sharon Irving, Shauna Niequist, and Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Nichole Nordeman – a diverse group of highly sought after authors, speakers, and artists. Together, these women have authored nearly 30 books and have inspired millions of women through speaking engagements, blogs, television shows, musical artistry, and more. Their stories – deeply honest and frequently hilarious, will inspire you and meet you. You will also be delighted by special musical guests, JOHNNYSWIM. You’ll hear their stories, learn from their insights, and get wisdom on how to navigate your own journey. You will share with very regular women who, like you, are doing their best to live life fully. BELONG is bringing women together so that they can each embrace their stories with courage and honor. BELONG is a wide and open space for women to share, heal, connect, learn…AND LAUGH. BELONG will be an experience that challenges you to dive in to your truth and explore you who are at your core—the things that energize you, who and what matter most, and how to live out the fullness of who you were designed to be. This event isn’t like any other event you’ve ever experienced. It’s called BELONG, because you DO. Everyone is invited. Nobody is excluded. No matter your age or stage,--if you’ve got it all together or are piecing together a string of messes--BELONG is YOUR place, where you’ll find your people.

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Yeah, The Belong Tour is kind of a big deal! Don't miss it!

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